Pocket Kitchen Knife Sharpener, Small Tool Serving Big Purpose

Are you looking for a good kitchen knife sharpener? If you often cook by yourself, the knife gets dull quicker. Dull knife is inefficient for working, not to mention quiet hazard-prone. This is why regularly sharpening your knife is important. There are many sharpeners in the market, but many of them are expensive or not that simple to use. Well nowadays, various choices are coming up with pocket-size sharpeners which Knife Sharpener Stone recommends.

You can consider two-stage portable sharpener by Silislick. This tool is geared with ceramic and carbide blades. The materials guarantee sharp and polished finish on any kitchen knife. Design for this sharpener is well thought out. Its handle has textured exterior and rubber material to make sure that user has steady grip when utilizing this tool. It is also equipped with a lanyard so you can easily hang it. However this kitchen knife sharpener is not great for handling serrated knives. Therefore, it is such an amazing deal.


Next, there is Quadsharp Multi Angle Sharpener by Lansky. With this tool, you are able to sharpen kitchen knives in 17, 20, 25, and 30 degree angles with this compact tool. Its blades and stones can be removed if necessary. It can also handle serrated knives because the sharpener is equipped with ceramic stone. You only need three to four strokes to do the whole process with this tool.

Another choice is PP1 Multifunction Sharpener by Smith’s. This tool will work wonder as a kitchen knife sharpener. It is equipped with carbide and ceramic stones that can be taken out. In addition, the carbide material will be able to quickly restore dull kitchen knives. Meanwhile, its ceramic material makes very sharp finish. It can process knives with flat and serrated edges. There is a dent in the shape of a thumb for convenient grip.

Lastly, PS-MED01 by Lansky is also recommended. It will be a great tool to use in your kitchen. The carbide and ceramic materials used for the blades mean that it is capable to process knives with standard and serrated edges. Its ergonomic design allows you to hold the sharpener comfortably and safely. However, there is only one angle setting. While full-size sharpener will help you immensely in the kitchen, these tiny tools are able to do the work just fine. Just choose the best one according to your need and liking. Get one pocket kitchen knife sharpener for yourself!